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Care & health products for every dog

While dogs with long hair need regular grooming , short-haired dogs often need no trimming or brushing at all.

The environment and the character of the dog also play a role. Dogs that like to swim, are constantly in the woods or like to wallow in the mud should of course be subjected to a "basic cleaning" more often than a city dog.

Many dog ​​people believe - especially if they have little dog experience - that just grooming is enough. But that's not all: Claws should be trimmed regularly, ears cleaned if necessary, dogs that are prone to tartar benefit from regular dental care and eyes and paws must not be neglected.

Classic: grooming for every dog

Our four-legged friends have more or less fur - whether short or long hair , it definitely needs care.

Did you know that you should comb your dog's fur regularly to remove dandruff, remove tangles and ensure a beautiful shine ? Dead hair is also removed this way.

This also prevents parasites from establishing themselves. Dirty fur could also lead to inflammation and skin irritation.

Grooming products in the Pawsome Shop

We have selected premium quality products in our range for gentle and pleasant fur care:

  • Wooden brush from LILA LOVES IT - also helps in repelling ticks
  • Dog shampoo from sevie skincare with purely plant-based organic ingredients
  • Dog soap from LILA LOVES IT with nourishing olive oil
  • Fur care spray from sevie skincare with coconut oil for shiny, supple fur - also helps ward off ticks

Ear care: Please clean regularly!

Dogs with floppy ears in particular are often prone to inflamed ears . How do these express themselves? 

It usually starts with the dog shaking itself more, tilting its head and scratching its ear. This is where a vicious circle usually begins: Since there are germs on the paws and claws, he brings them into the ear canal when he scratches and the inflammation is further fueled.

Severely inflamed ears are red, slightly swollen and have increased sputum (this can be brown, crumbly, light or slightly greasy). In the worst case, an untreated ear infection can lead to impairment of the eardrum and thus the sense of hearing.

Cleaning ears as prevention

Therefore, you should check your four-legged friend's ears once a week and, if necessary, rinse them with a skin-friendly cleaning lotion. Simply insert it into the ear canal at an angle from above. Then you can carefully massage the base of your ear. After a short massage, your dog will give himself a good shake and throw out the loosened dirt. Therefore, our recommendation: The best way to clean your ears is in the bathroom or outdoors!

Thorough ear care with Pawsome

There are special care products for the ears that keep inflammation and germs at bay and thus prevent inflamed ears.
In our range you will find the following:

  • Ear cleaner from LILA LOVES IT for preventative, gentle cleaning of dog ears
  • Ear Angel: A nourishing, cleansing and decongestant gel for existing ear inflammation - relieves and helps with healing in a natural way
  • Organic apple cider vinegar: Diluted apple cider vinegar is the insider tip when it comes to cleaning ears - the acidic environment means that germs and bacteria no longer have a chance.
  • Silver spray from LILA LOVES IT: Thanks to silver ions, bacteria are killed and herbal ingredients care for the sore ear

    Do not forget to brush your teeth!

    Many dogs are prone to bad breath or tartar buildup . If intestinal problems are ruled out, there is a simple solution: you should brush your dog's teeth regularly!

    As with people, some dogs are more susceptible to dental problems than others. At the latest when dental plaque becomes visible through a yellowish-brown discoloration, it is time to take regular care measures .

    Dental care with products from the Pawsome Shop

    If you're now wondering: How is brushing my dog's teeth supposed to work? Then we have the optimal solution for you :

    • To make dental care easier for you, you will find a practical finger cot from LILA LOVES IT in our dog online shop, which you can simply put over your finger and use it to carefully scrub your four-legged friend's teeth.
    • Mineral dog toothpaste also helps you keep your dog's teeth clean and healthy.

    Please don’t neglect: Proper eye care

    For most dogs, eye care can be done quickly: simply wipe the corners of your pet's eyes carefully with a damp cloth.

    Since small dogs in particular often struggle with watery eyes after walks, you should clean them afterwards - also to remove dust.

    The eye care from LILA LOVES IT in the Pawsome Shop supports you with natural ingredients .

    Paw care: Cared for on 4 paws

    Dog paws need special protection, especially in winter. Road salt and gravel can damage your four-legged friend's paws and cause him pain.

    To prevent this, you can apply lotion to your dog's paws before going for a walk and then rinse well with lukewarm water.

    Next, you can rub them again with a nourishing cream .

    Unwanted guests: Avoid ticks

    The best prevention against ticks? Avoid tall grass! And: After every walk you should check your four-legged friend for ticks . The annoying critters are in season from March to October. In addition to the dangerous Lyme disease, ticks can transmit numerous other diseases.

    Natural tick protection from the Pawsome Shop

    • Of course, you will also find products against ticks that are made from purely plant-based, harmless ingredients. Our organic coconut oil keeps ticks away - a teaspoon every morning will also taste good for your dog and make his coat shine!
    • Our fur care also makes the fur shine - and thanks to coconut oil as an ingredient, keeps the pests away from your pet.
    • If a tick does manage to bite into your dog, you can remove it easily and safely with the stainless steel tick tweezers from LILA LOVES IT.

    Claw care made easy

    Paw care also includes regular trimming of the claws . If these are too long, your dog's gait changes and pain and physical problems can occur.

    With claw pliers you can usually shorten the claws yourself. But please don't cut the claws too short - be careful not to catch the "life". Otherwise this can be very painful for your four-legged friend.
    If you are still unsure about trimming your nails , it is best to have your veterinarian show you how to do it or have them trimmed there.

    Why is dog grooming so important for dogs?

    Dog care is paramount to the health of our four-legged friends. Regular fur care, claw care, paw care and ear care are important aspects of maintaining and promoting the health of our dogs.

    Good grooming ensures that the coat looks shiny and healthy. It also helps remove tangles and dirt and prevents dirt and ticks from settling in the fur. Regular claw care prevents pain and injuries and ensures that the claws remain healthy and short.

    Paw care is also important to prevent tears and pain that can be caused by extreme weather conditions or sharp objects. Regular ear care helps prevent infection and pain by removing dirt and debris and maintaining the natural pH level in the ear.

    Better bonding and well-being for the dog through dog grooming

    Additionally, regular dog grooming can also help dogs feel comfortable and relaxed. It's a great opportunity to build a close bond with our dog and make them feel loved and valued.

    Dog care is an important part of living with your dog and helps to promote the health and well-being of our animals. Regular fur, claw, paw and ear care are very important to avoid infections and injuries and to build a close bond with our dog.

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