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Waterproof towing line made from BiothaneWaterproof towing line made from Biothane
💦 Waterproof
Dog leash made of Biothane® 'Light brown'Dog leash made of Biothane® 'Light brown'
💦 Waterproof
Dog leash made of Biothane® 'Khaki'Diese Biothane-Leine ist vegan, wasserfest und sehr robust. Durch das praktische Material ist die Hundeleine pflegeleicht und schick. Diese Leine ist in vielen Farben bei PAWSOME Hundezubehör erhältlich.
Sale priceFrom €49,90
⏰ Limited
Dog leash made of Biothane® 'Dusty Blue' Dog leash made of Biothane® 'Dusty Blue'
💦 Waterproof
Dog leash made of Biothane® 'Magenta'Dog leash made of Biothane® 'Magenta'
Sale priceFrom €49,90
⏰ Limited
Dog leash made of Biothane® 'Rosegold' Dog leash made of Biothane® 'Rosegold'
⏰ Limited
Dog leash made from Biothane® 'Sage' Dog leash made from Biothane® 'Sage'
⏰ Limited
Dog leash made of Biothane® 'Sand' Dog leash made of Biothane® 'Sand'
Sale priceFrom €54,90

Biothane dog leashes for every taste and area of ​​application

Are you looking for an all-round leash that is tear-resistant , completely waterproof and stays beautiful for an eternity? You can end your search, a handmade biothane leash from Pawsome Dog Accessories is the right choice!

Whether you are the owner of a gentle giant or the owner of an energetic little dog - we at Pawsome will hand-make you the leash of your dreams!

A Biothane leash will accompany you and your four-legged friend forever. You don't have to worry about how dirty the leash gets, how big and strong your dog is, or how often you use it.

How stable is a Biothane leash?

Biothane comes from equestrian sports. Riders were able to test the material's stability and durability over long and wide riding distances. A horse quickly weighs 300 kg, which requires extremely stable material! Biothane consists of tightly woven polyester fabric and is covered with a thick and durable layer of polyurethane (lighter than rubber but even more robust).

“My dog ​​also likes to pull hard on the leash when he sees a squirrel - is it tear-resistant and therefore safe for my darling?”

A Biothane dog leash is extremely stable, it has a tear resistance of up to 350 kg and is therefore ideal for the largest and strongest dogs. The carabiners and rings used by Pawsome are made of solid brass or stainless steel and have a breaking load of around 200 kg . The Biothane leash and fittings complement each other perfectly and combine to create a durable dog leash.

The brass and stainless steel carabiners we use are both safe and sturdy. These carabiners are made of high quality materials that guarantee a long service life. Brass is a corrosion-resistant metal known for its durability and resistance to wear, while stainless steel is valued for its rust resistance and ability to withstand extreme conditions.

In addition, the carabiners on the Biothane leash are designed to provide a secure closure and cannot open accidentally. This feature is particularly important to ensure that your dog is always well secured during the walk.

A dog leash made of Biothane does not stretch and does not give in even with repeated strong pulls. The Biothane leash always stays true to shape .

What special properties does a Biothane dog leash have?

Biothane never ceases to amaze us! Here you can find out why we are such Biothane fans! You'll probably fall in love too. ;)

A dog leash made from Biothane is 100% waterproof. Thanks to the waterproof coating, the dog leash cannot absorb liquids, bacteria or fungi

absorb and nothing sticks to the surface. For this reason , Biothane cannot get moldy or smell unpleasant .

A Biothane leash is antibacterial and very hygienic.

Your future Biothane dog leash is extremely easy to care for . You can easily remove dirt or mud from the leash under running water. Dried dirt can be easily removed with a damp cloth. Another advantage of a dog leash made from Biothane is that it doesn't have to dry. Grab a towel and dry it briefly, the leash is ready for use again immediately.

Dog leashes made from Biothane are completely resistant to environmental influences . This means that UV radiation, cold, heat, dirt and liquids leave no trace on the leash. The color does not fade even after long use. Many dog ​​owners love the fact that the Biothane leash does not rub off on the dog's hand or fur.

A Biothane leash is ideal for dogs that have sensitive fur or skin. Biothane is hypoallergenic and has rounded edges , the dog leash does not cut. It lies comfortably in the hand and is cuddly and soft. If the leash is wrapped around your wrist and the dog pulls, there will be no or only minor burns thanks to the smooth and soft surface.

The leather -like look and feel makes a Biothane dog leash a more sustainable and long-lasting alternative to a leather leash. The material is 100% vegan . No animal products are used in the production and no animal has to be sacrificed.

Which dogs is a Biothane leash suitable for?

You and your dog also benefit from a handmade Biothane leash!

  • A dog leash made of Biothane scores particularly well with its tear resistance . They are therefore very popular with dog owners who have strong, large dogs. A dog that weighs 50kg is perfectly secured with a Biothane dog leash.
  • Since the straps are also available in a narrow and feather-light 13 mm version, Biothane leashes are also suitable for the smallest among us.
  • The wide range of colors is another reason to choose a Biothane leash. Everyone will find what they are looking for here.
  • Many people choose a vegan lifestyle. They do not consume or eat animal products. They also want to transfer this lifestyle to their consumer behavior. Pawsome Biothane products are completely free of animal ingredients and offer an optimal alternative to leather leashes.
  • Biothane leashes are the ideal companion for working line dogs such as Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers and all hunting dog breeds. Moisture, branches, trees and weather conditions to which the dog is exposed pass without a trace on the Biothane dog leash.
  • As a puppy owner, you benefit enormously from a leash made of Biothane. It can withstand one or two nibbling attacks and will accompany you for an eternity.

Biothane leash made to measure in our Viennese factory

We already have more than 5 years of experience in producing Biothane dog leashes and manufacture each product by hand with attention to detail and a lot of dog love to create truly unique pieces for you and your four-legged friend.

You can choose between a 2 m long, 2x adjustable dog leash or a 3 m, 3-way adjustable Biothane leash. The integrated rings offer you various adjustment options for the line length depending on your needs.
You can also simply hang your Pawsome leash around you like a bag. This way you have both hands free and your dog with you.

Depending on your preferences, you can have your leash made from over 8 different colors. We carry strong signal colors such as neon orange but also simple versions such as dark blue.
With us you will find Biothane dog leashes in 13 mm width as a drag leash and in 16 mm as a regular leash.

Which length of Biothane leash should I choose for my dog?

A 2 meter adjustable Biothane leash is a great choice for most dogs, especially those who live in urban areas or often walk on sidewalks next to roads. This length gives you enough control over your dog to ensure he stays safe and under control, but also enough freedom for him to move and sniff.
So if you mostly walk in urban areas or have a dog that likes to pull, the 2 meter long leash is perfect for you.

If you have an active dog that likes to walk long distances or if you go for walks in rural areas, a 3 meter leash is a better choice. This extra length gives your dog even more freedom to sniff extensively without constantly pulling on the leash.
Even if you teach your dog to behave correctly around roads and cars, a longer leash can provide him with additional protection if he suddenly becomes frightened or distracted.

Do you have special wishes regarding the appearance or length of your leash? Then you've come to the right place - we'll make your future leash by hand according to your wishes in our Viennese workshop ! Regardless of length, color, width or type, we offer you the optimal leash. We will also be happy to advise you if your wishes do not fall into our standard range. Write us an email!

Our Viennese factory

100% handmade

Every dog ​​leash is lovingly handcrafted by us - because every dog ​​is special and deserves a unique leash. We can also guarantee the safety of your four-legged friend.