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Your manufacturer for dog accessories

Our dogs are family members and each dog is unique. As dog people, we know this - and we want to make your walks even more beautiful with our individual products.

100% craftsmanship

Every product from our Viennese factory has its own story, because we make it for you with a lot of care and love from premium materials.

Discover unique dog collars and dog leashes for style-conscious dog people.
Comfort, quality and aesthetic design combined. An experience for you and your dog - for unforgettable walks!

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From dog people for dog people


Our manufactory for dog accessories is located in beautiful Vienna - where all of our products are handmade for you by the PAWSOME team.
We are very proud to continue to be a true artisan company , even if we sell purely online.
Because : We think it's a shame that craft businesses are dying out these days - and we look forward to making unique products for you and your four-legged friends every day.

Our Viennese factory

The unique products for your four-legged friend are carefully handcrafted and with a lot of love for dogs on these worktables in our factory.

You can buy unique, healthy dog ​​accessories from us


Pawsome is your online shop for dog supplies from Austria with its own factory in Vienna. We want to make the difference! In our dog online shop you will find custom-made dog collars & dog leashes as well as sustainable dog beds. We also offer non-toxic toys and natural treats for your dog.

Large selection of dog supplies

For the cold season, Pawsome has cozy sleeping caves for dogs.

When it comes to natural dog food, Pawsome dog supplies are the right place for you. We stock dog snacks free of preservatives and organic dog biscuits to keep your pet healthy and vital.

You will also find what you are looking for when it comes to organic dog care:
Care products such as dog shampoo or ear cleaner from LILA LOVES IT or the gently cleansing dog soap from sevie skincare ensure shiny, clean fur on your four-legged friend - without any harmful ingredients.

You can buy more or less anything for your dog that you would buy for yourself. Because he or she definitely deserves it, right? Our four-legged friends constantly delight us, comfort us, and never complain. Not just your best friend, but part of the family.
That's why your pet deserves the best products. Our treats offer variety, real taste and of course the valuable ingredients that your dog needs.

What is a dog's job? Looking at the time he spent
On your site, the answer seems logical: your four-legged friend's job is to be your companion! So that he can do this job well
To be able to do it, he needs the right equipment. Under the walking dog section you will find leashes and harnesses for all breeds and sizes.
To ensure that living together is perfect, we have everything you need for dogs at home. For sleeping & relaxing as well as for hygiene & household or natural care .
So that lying around doesn't become too boring, your dog also needs variety during play and training . Our dog online shop offers interesting, non-toxic and safe dog toys.

A clear conscience thanks to resource-saving working practices and sustainability

Excessive consumption harms the environment. So how can we limit our consumption and still buy the things that bring us joy or that we need? We asked ourselves this question when we founded Pawsome. Our answer: If we pay more attention to what we buy, we can create the optimal balance between quality of life for our dog and conscious consumption. And we can only do this with healthy, sustainable products.
That's why every product you find in our online shop follows 3 guidelines for more sustainability:

100% handmade: All of our products are handmade.
Careful craftsmanship not only produces high-quality products, but is also the opposite of environmentally harmful mass consumption.

Sustainable: We pay attention to sustainable production and content.
Be it the organic seal on dog food or the use of organic detergent instead of chemicals.

Of course: you are what you eat. That's why our dog food is free of unnecessary additives, the toys are free of harmful substances and every care product is organic.

All requirements that we place on dog supplies apply to our partner shops as well as to the collars, leashes and harnesses from our own brand Pawsome.

Dog online shop and delivery from Austria

We deliver to Austria and all over the world from our headquarters in Vienna. You can pay easily and securely via PayPal, credit card, on account or simply by bank transfer. We confirm shipping by hand and the products are lovingly made by hand.
Since we always focus on sustainability, our products are not always cheap, but rather an investment in the future. Please take a look to see if we are currently offering discounts. And with our vouchers you can make your owner happy - you decide on the budget.

Are you expecting a puppy or new dog ? Then it is important that your new dog feels comfortable and safe right from the start.
With the right preparation and equipment, you can make it easier for your loved one to arrive. At Pawsome dog accessories you will find everything you need for your dog's initial equipment . In addition to food that is healthy and well tolerated, you should have the following dog accessories ready as soon as your new roommate moves in:

  • A dog collar and a dog leash for your walks. If you are unsure which of our collars is right for you, you can use our Pawsome product finder.
  • A dog harness if your dog still pulls heavily on the leash - for long walks.
  • A dog sleeping place, like a cozy dog ​​bed, so that your dog has a cozy place to retreat.
  • Dog bowls for food and water that are large enough and sturdy.
  • Varied dog toys so you can encourage your dog right from the start and build a bond with him.

With this equipment, your dog will immediately feel and be comfortable
love new home!

Make your dog happy – buy sustainable dog supplies now in the Pawsome dog online shop!

Helena from our customer service team will be happy to answer any questions you have about our products or your order and will also be happy to advise you!Average response time: 48 hours (weekdays)