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Biothane® collar 'Khaki'Biothane® collar 'Khaki'
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Biothane® collar 'Light brown'Biothane® collar 'Light brown'
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Biothane® collar 'Dusty Blue'Biothane® collar 'Dusty Blue'
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Biothane® collar 'Magenta'Biothane® collar 'Magenta'
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Biothane® collar 'Sage'Biothane® collar 'Sage'
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Biothane® collar 'Sand'Biothane® collar 'Sand'
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Biothane® collar 'Rosegold'Biothane® collar 'Rosegold'
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The Biothane collar - an indispensable must-have product for your dog

Imagine you are out in the forest with your four-legged friend, the birds are chirping all around you and you can finally really switch off. Suddenly your dog storms off and before you can shout anything, he has thrown himself into the muddiest hole he could find.

And you just bought a new collar! That's probably over now - isn't it?

If your dog is a little mud monster or a real water rat, then we have the absolute best option for you: a dog collar made of Biothane!

A biothane collar from Pawsome dog accessories is a must-have in your dog wardrobe. We make your future all-round collar by hand in our Viennese workshop with the greatest care and precision ! Our custom-made products give us the opportunity to equip every dog ​​with a precisely fitting Biothane collar .

Biothane is the ideal material for a dog collar, find out more about its unique properties here!

What is a Biothane collar?

  • A collar made from Biothane is 100% waterproof . Thanks to the waterproof materials, it does not absorb liquids and will not soak up water. Therefore, no bacteria or fungi can establish themselves and no mold can form in or on the collar. The dog collar made of Biothane will never bother you with annoying smells and is 100% antibacterial!
  • Your future custom-made Biothane collar is hypoallergenic and has rounded edges . This makes it perfect for dogs with sensitive fur or skin as it does not chafe or rub. The Biothane dog collar looks very similar to normal leather. It has a comparable feel and is just as cuddly . When worn for a long time, the Biothane becomes even softer and more comfortable thanks to your dog's body heat.
  • The Biothane collar for dogs is 100% vegan . No animal products are used in the production; no animal had to give their life for the material. It is more durable than normal animal leather and therefore much more sustainable . Ideal for you if you want to minimize your consumption of animal products!
  • A dog collar made from Biothane is extremely easy to care for . Thanks to the smooth coating made of durable plastic, all you have to do is hold it under running water to restore it to its former glory. You can also easily remove dried mud or dirt with a damp cloth .

You don't have to wait forever until your Biothane collar is dry again. Take a towel and dry it briefly, it's ready to use again!

  • A collar made of Biothane defies all imaginable environmental influences . UV radiation, cold, dirt or cleaning agents do not harm the material. It does not fade or change color. A practical and important feature of the Biothane collar for many is that it does not rub off on your hand or your dog's fur when it is wet.

How stable is a handmade Biothane collar?

But does the collar also hold my 50kg dog, who also likes to pull?” - But something!

Biothane originally comes from equestrian sports and is very popular there for its enormous tear resistance of up to 450kg and its longevity . The material proved to be a reliable and safe companion for long riding distances and constant use.

A Biothane collar is a real powerhouse . The material is made from multi-layered woven polyester fabric and covered with a polyurethane coating (this is a rubber-like material, but lighter and even more stable).

It is almost unbeatable in terms of tear resistance. A collar made of Biothane does not stretch even with repeated and strong pulling. The holes punched in do not tear or stretch. Since it is used for horses that easily weigh 400kg, it is suitable for dogs of all weight classes. The carabiners, rings and buckles we use are made of solid brass or stainless steel. These also have a high level of stability , with a breaking load of around 200kg. A Biothane collar is therefore a safe and reliable dog collar for every everyday situation.

Which dog is a Biothane collar suitable for?

“My dog ​​is a real mess, did I make the right choice with Biothane? ”- you made the only right choice!

Many dogs are true water lovers and mud lovers who want to jump into every lake, puddle and river. For these dogs, a collar made of Biothane is absolutely the right choice.

A dog collar made from Biothane is very popular with owners of Golden Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers, water dogs and hunting dogs.

Many hunter-dog duos really appreciate the robustness and longevity of a Biothane collar. The hunting dog will traverse bushes, branches and bodies of water as it works. The extremely robust coating protects the collar from scratches or tears caused by objects.

These features make a Biothane collar an ideal collar for every dog.

A dog collar made from Biothane is available in the most beautiful colors . Everything is available, from strong signal colors such as neon orange to simple dark blue.

Biothane straps are available in a variety of widths . For this reason, a Biothane collar is suitable for small dogs, medium dogs and very large dogs.

A collar made of Biothane is also ideal for a puppy , regardless of breed.

Of course, puppies still pull a lot on the collar and leash, often nibble on the collar and want to explore every bush and puddle. A Biothane collar is designed for exactly these hardships.

A dog collar made of biothane is made by Pawsome Dog Accessories with 5 holes so that you can adjust the collar if your dog is still growing, changing weight or changing coat.

Biothane pull stop collar & adjustable Biothane collar with buckle

In the Pawsome dog accessories online shop you will find 2 variants of the Biothane collar. We make your dog collar from Biothane in the pull stop version and with a buckle. Would you like to know which one is best for your dog? You can find more information in the relevant categories.

Our Viennese factory

100% handmade

Each collar is lovingly handcrafted by us - because every dog ​​is special and deserves a unique collar. We can also guarantee the safety of your four-legged friend.