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Leather leash 'Bjarki' in cognacLeather leash 'Bjarki' in cognac
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Leather leash 'Bjarki' in chiliLeather leash 'Bjarki' in chili
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Leather leash 'Bjarki' in stone grayLeather leash 'Bjarki' in stone gray
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Leather leash 'Bjarki' in olive Leather leash 'Bjarki' in olive
Sale priceFrom €44,90
Leather leash 'Bjarki' in chestnutLeather leash 'Bjarki' in chestnut
Sale priceFrom €44,90
Retriever leash made of greased leather 'Bayo'Retriever leash made of greased leather 'Bayo'
Dieses Bild zeigt unsere Fettlederleine aus der Serie "Mix it". Du kannst die Lederfarben selbst zusammenstellen. Alle PAWSOME Produkte werden in sorgfältiger Handarbeit in Wien hergestellt. Wir sind besonders bemüht unsere Produkte nachhaltig herzustellen.Dieses Bild zeigt unsere Fettlederleine aus der Serie "Mix it". Du kannst die Lederfarben selbst zusammenstellen. Alle PAWSOME Produkte werden in sorgfältiger Handarbeit in Wien hergestellt. Wir sind besonders bemüht unsere Produkte nachhaltig herzustellen.
Sale price€69,90
Leather connector for 2 dogs on a leash (1 piece) Leather connector for 2 dogs on a leash (1 piece)
Kurzführer/Hausleine aus LederKurzführer/Hausleine aus Leder

The ideal dog leash made of greased leather

The leather leash from Pawsome Dog Accessories is the leash par excellence for a reason. Carefully handcrafted from durable and natural products, it is a loyal companion for you and your dog. Here you can find out why you should also have a greased leather leash hanging in your home.

Types and lengths of leather dog leashes

There are a variety of different leather leashes for you and your dog that meet individual needs and requirements. The following three leather leashes are a must-have for all dog owners.

Adjustable leather leashes

The greased leather leashes are adjustable and come in different lengths. The most popular type is the two meter long, 2-way adjustable leather leash for dogs. The robust rings are incorporated into the leather straps. This allows you to individually adjust the rings to your desired height.

For a little more sniffing space, the three meter long, 3-way adjustable leather dog leash is suitable. The 3-way adjustment option makes the leather leash for dogs the perfect all-rounder. The shortest setting is perfect for a stroll through the city, but with a single move you also get more freedom.

Thanks to the simple ring system, you can simply click the leash into the ring for the desired length. If you are out in the forest with your four-legged friend and he is allowed to run freely, you can simply hang the leash around your neck and have both hands free.

Fixed leather leash

If you don't need any adjustment options, our handmade, one and a half meter long, solid leash is the perfect choice! The leash has a carabiner and ring incorporated so that you can hang the leash around you when your dog runs free.

Leather retriever leash

Are you looking for a leather leash for short walks or for quick snacks? Are you and your four-legged friend a work team and active in dog sports? Do you like training your dog with dummies and you spend a lot of time outside? Then you definitely need adog leash that you can quickly put on and take off your dog!

Our custom-made leather dog leashes in the retriever leash version are just the thing! Thanks to the sliding stopper, the leather retriever leash is suitable for dogs of all sizes. All you have to do is slide the stopper to the desired size so that it fits perfectly on your dog's neck.

To prevent the leash from slipping over your dog's head when sniffing the ground, there is an additional piece of leather attached to the strap. You can also move this and adjust it individually . Being quick to put on and take off makes this leather leash the perfect part of your dog equipment.

Is a leather leash suitable for my dog?

You can have your leather dog leash made to measure by Pawsome Dog Accessories in three different widths . We of course adapt our fittings, i.e. carabiners and rings, according to the width of the straps. This ensures that even smaller four-legged friends do not feel disturbed by the fittings or find them too heavy and bulky.

Of course, you can be sure that your large, strong dog is also safe. So you can travel with your loved one with a clear conscience and a safe feeling. You can easily hang each of the three different leather leashes for dogs across your upper body , just like a cross-body bag!

How strong is a handmade leather dog leash?

The most important aspect of a dog leash is clear - it has to withstand your dog and guarantee you safety! The rings and carabiners we use are made of brass (gold) and stainless steel (silver) and have a breaking load of around 200 kilograms.
They can withstand multiples of your dog's body weight.

This means that even strong pulling dogs, anxious dogs, young dogs or puppies are secured with your future leather dog leash. Sudden pulling will not damage the leather or fittings! Because it is a natural material, it gives a little but springs back to its original shape.

What are the benefits of Pawsome leather leashes?

Do you actually know what greased leather is exactly? The leather is so called because it goes through a special process beforehand. This makes it even more durable and supple . The leather straps are covered with a deep, hot layer of fat that penetrates the leather and forms a protective coating around it.

Thanks to this process, your leather leash made of greased leather can withstand frequent use and still remains buttery soft to the touch. It is also protected from damage caused by moisture by the layer of fat and does not become brittle or stiff. If you grease the greased leather leash every now and then, your four-legged friend can even get into the water with it.

To re-grease, simply take a transparent leather grease, wet a cloth with it and pull the leather line through the cloth a few times. You can then massage the fat into the leather. In the greased leather linen shop we also offer a natural leather care product for this purpose, which can also be used as paw care.

Five reasons to choose a handmade leather leash from Pawsome

Here is a brief summary of the benefits and reasons why a Pawsome leather dog leash is the perfect choice for you !

✓ durable and extra robust

✓ Available in three different widths, also suitable for very large and small dogs

✓ water-repellent & easy to care for

✓ buttery soft, very pleasant to use

✓ no cutting thanks to soft, rounded edges

Our Viennese factory

100% handmade

Every dog ​​leash is lovingly handcrafted by us - because every dog ​​is special and deserves a unique leash. We can also guarantee the safety of your four-legged friend.