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Climbing rope & rope - stylish look and safety combined

At PAWSOME we attach great importance to the safety and well-being of our four-legged friends. For this reason, we consistently rely on the use of high-quality materials such as climbing rope and robust rope for our dog leashes and collars.

Why? Because climbing ropes are super durable and therefore the optimal choice for the safety and comfort of your four-legged companion!
These ropes are specifically designed to withstand extreme loads
to withstand, after all, in extreme cases they would have to stop a person falling from a mountain - or provide a feeling of safety when walking with a dog through the city and forest.

But that's not all: Our climbing ropes are not only durable and reliable,
but thanks to their appearance they are also stylish and therefore an eye-catcher on your dog walks.
Your loyal companion deserves only the best - and with our tested climbing rope and rope you can offer him exactly that.

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Grease leather - the hard-wearing hand flatterer

Our handmade greased leather dog leashes, harnesses and collars are truly a tribute to resilience and durability.

Unlike conventional leather leashes, greased leather retains its suppleness and great appearance for many years. Your four-legged friend will also feel the difference in terms of comfort - no uncomfortable rubbing or chafing on the fur, just pure joy on all your adventures.
How it works? The leather is pre-greased with natural oils, which gives it a moisture and dirt-repellent protective film and makes the leather really supple.

But durability isn't everything - greased leather is also your ally when it comes to style . Each of our handmade pieces bears the individual signature of our manufactory and shows a lot of love and care.

From classic designs to bright colors , our greased leather products are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. An eye-catcher on every walk!

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Biothane - the waterproof, vegan leather alternative

The high-quality, tightly woven plastic material Biothane is your reliable companion. Its waterproof properties and effortless care make it the perfect choice. Whether you're splashing around in the lake or taking a rainy walk - Biothane remains robust and durable.

Dirty, wet collar? No panic ! Wiping with a damp cloth is enough to keep Biothane sparkling clean. The color does not fade, it remains bright even after many adventures and is therefore a chic everyday companion.

Biothane is not only stable, but also flexible. It retains its shape, does not expand and yet becomes more supple with every use.
No hard edges - just the comfort your dog deserves .

Do you have a sensitive four-legged friend? No problem! Biothane is
hypoallergenic and ensures that even sensitive dogs can enjoy carefree adventures.

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If you're unsure which material is right for you, don't be shy - we'll be happy to help!
A short email can quickly clarify any questions and we can create a perfectly fitting product for your darling that you will enjoy every day!