Measuring instructions: This is how easy it is to measure your dog

So that we can make our collars and dog harnesses a perfect fit for your pet, it is important that we know the exact dimensions of your dog - measuring is very easy !
It is best to measure the neck circumference with a conventional tailor's collar.
In the following videos and photos we will explain to you exactly how you should measure:

Measure for an adjustable collar:

Measure directly at the neck

It's best to use a flexible tape measure to get the best measurement result.
Please measure where the collar should sit .
Please measure without any space or fingers in between, we will adjust the collar so that it fits optimally and is not too tight.

or: Measure the appropriate collar

If you already have a well-fitting collar, you can measure this too.
The material doesn't matter here because you're measuring the inner circumference of the collar.
Close the collar in the appropriate hole and measure the inner circumference of the collar with a tape measure.

Measure for a pull stop collar:

1. Narrowest part of the neck

To ensure that the pull stop collar does not tighten too tightly when pulled and to avoid choking, measure the narrowest part of the neck directly under the head.

2. Head circumference

For head circumference , please measure snugly around the head over the ears.

or: Measure on a suitable collar

1. The inner circumference at the narrowest point of the closed collar.
2. The inner circumference at the widest point of the collar (so it fits over the head).

Please do not measure so that the collar fits perfectly:

Please do not measure the diameter

Please do not measure the diameter of a matching collar. This can lead to measurement inaccuracies - so please always measure the inner circumference of an existing collar as described above for the optimal fit.

Please do not measure the length while stretched out

The dimensions of the circumference and length differ and it
There will also be deviations depending on the material - your new collar would be too big. Please measure the inner circumference of an existing collar as described above.

Measure for a dog harness:

Measure directly on your dog

For your tailor-made harness, we need the 4 dimensions of your four-legged friend shown in the photo.
Please enter them in cm in the corresponding field for the product.
Please note : The end of the chest strap and back strap should not be too far behind the ribs or too close to the armpits.

or: Measure on a well-fitting harness

If you already have a well-fitting harness, you can also measure the straps of this harness.
Please always measure along the inside of the harness along the straps.

Questions about the measuring instructions? Feel free to write to us!

If you're unsure, don't be shy - we'll be happy to help!
A short email can quickly clarify any questions and we can create a perfectly fitting product for your darling that you will enjoy every day!