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Carefully handcrafted products by dog ​​people for dog people

Hi, we are the dog-crazy people who, day after day, produce unique products for you and your four-legged friend in our Viennese factory with a lot of care and love for dogs.

our philosophy

Sustainable. Individually. Handcrafted.
These 3 characteristics define us and our partner shops. In our Viennese factory we manufacture unique pieces by hand - dream leashes, dream collars and perfectly tailored harnesses.
Because every dog ​​is unique !

How it all began

In 2017, our founder Eva made her first dog leash from a used climbing rope.
We are now a real small team. Every person on our family team loves dogs - and can bring this love into their everyday work every day.

Get to know the team here

Eva, founder

I'm Eva and I founded PAWSOME at the beginning of 2018. As a team, I look after our product portfolio, work closely with our marketing team and further develop the shop.

Why do you work at PAWSOME?
Pawsome wasn't a long-term plan at the time. Rather, I was looking for sustainable dog accessories that also appealed to me visually and couldn't find them - so I quickly made some myself. I am pleased that we have now become a small team and can work together on our brand.

What is your favorite product?
My favorite product is definitely our leather leash in 15 mm width - preferably in olive! It's so practical and has a beautiful patina.

Stefan, Management Production

I'm Stefan and I've been with Pawsome since 2019. I take care of purchasing, organizing production and finances - and I'm also the guy for everything.

Why do you work at PAWSOME?
I supported my partner Eva at the beginning and as PAWSOME grew quickly, it soon became my main job.
Working at PAWSOME is exciting and challenging, new areas of responsibility are always opening up - and I learn something new every day.

What is your favorite product?
Our leather pull stop collars are practical and grow with you - I prefer the 3 cm version, which suits many dog ​​breeds.

Helena, Customer Service & Manufacturing

As Eva's sister, it quickly became clear that I would be part of the team. I've been there since the beginning, when we were still making everything on the living room floor, and I'm incredibly proud to have witnessed our development. It just makes me happy to see how far we've come since then!
I am responsible for the Instagram presence and Instagram support. Posts, stories & emails are on my daily schedule - and I love it ❤️ I spend a small part of my working time at the work table. I specialize in some creations - Set Say Yes for example!

What is your favorite product?
I can no longer imagine Bjarkis and my everyday life without Biothane
introduce. Whether it's a collar, leash or harness - Biothane is THE material for dogs! I'm also very in love with Bjarki's greased leather set in gray.
The pull stop collar simply looks wonderfully elegant. Robust, soft & comfortable to wear - for Bjarki & for me the leash!

Carla, Marketing & Manufacturing

I became part of the Pawsome team in 2019. In the workshop I mainly take care of your custom-made harnesses. I also support the marketing team in various activities, such as Facebook Ads and maintaining our Pinterest account.

Why do you work at Pawsome?
During my studies I was looking for a temporary job,
which led to my application to Pawsome's workshop, which was still very small at the time. After graduating, it quickly became clear that I couldn't imagine a better place to work. The creative team and the diverse areas of responsibility make every working day something special.

What is your favorite product?
My absolute favorite is of course the popular greased leather harness. It is simply the perfect all-rounder for every dog. Because despite the great
Optically, it is also suitable for real adventurers.

Susanne, shipping

Susanne has been enriching our team with her 2 whippet ladies since December 2022 and is responsible for ensuring that your order comes to you lovingly packaged.
As a dog mom and the daughter of an entrepreneur couple who made leather goods themselves, she brings a lot of experience in areas that are important to us - and always in a good mood.

Michi, production

Michi has been actively supporting us since the beginning of 2022 in making the leather leashes and hand straps made of greased leather.
Although she was also a career changer, she has now acquired a lot of know-how in processing leather.
Michi would like to have her own dog with her family in the future - and until then she is looking forward to working with our four-legged boss Bjarki and our customers' dogs.

Bjarki, co-founder & dog model

Bjarki is the reason Eva founded PAWSOME in 2018. He is responsible for quality control and thrives in his role as a dog model for our products - especially when it comes with his favorite cookie thief dog treats ;-)

How we work

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