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T-shirts for dog lovers


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T-shirts with sayings that inspire dog lovers

Creative dog sayings on T-shirts - a must-have for dog moms!
Your dog is your best friend and loyal companion. Your unconditional love always amazes us and inspires us to incorporate it into our everyday lives - why not into our clothing style?

T-shirts with dog motifs are therefore very popular among dog owners and anyone who likes dogs. But why settle for a normal print when you can have something special?
In our shop you will find a large selection of t-shirts with creative dog sayings that will definitely attract attention.

Show your connection to your dog!

From guardian animal to family member: In the past, dogs had clear tasks, such as guarding the house and yard and herding herds. But today they are permanent family members who enchant us with their loyalty and devotion.
A t-shirt with a suitable saying is a great way to show our connection and love for our four-legged friend.

Authentic and unique - dog sayings for real dog lovers

Showing your love for our best four-legged friend on a high-quality T-shirt is fun and also the perfect gift idea!

Made from high quality organic cotton

  • Growing organic cotton uses less energy than conventional cotton
  • Free from chemical pesticides and harmful fertilizers
  • For our beloved nature and healthy soils
  • OEKO-TEX, GOTS and FairWear certified

Hand printed in Vienna

We carefully print our organic cotton shirts and sweatshirts by hand in our Viennese factory to ensure the quality and durability of the print.