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Eine Unterlage für Hundenäpfe zeigt dieses Bild. Diese Unterlage ist wasser- & schmutzabweisend und ist in zwei Farben und zwei Größen bei PAWSOME erhältlich.Eine Unterlage für Hundenäpfe zeigt dieses Bild. Diese Unterlage ist wasser- & schmutzabweisend und ist in zwei Farben und zwei Größen bei PAWSOME erhältlich.
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Dog treats made from natural ingredients at Pawsome

Whether as a small snack in between or as a reward for successful training: treats for dogs are a must-have for everyday life with your four-legged friend. In our Pawsome Shop you will find a wide variety of types and types of dog treats.

Types of Dog Treats: Training Snacks & Rewards

In addition to delicious meat and fish treats that are made from 100% high-quality protein sources, we also offer small, dry training snacks.

You can take these with you on your daily adventures in a treat bag . The nice thing about them is that they aren't moist, so you won't get dirty, greasy fingers.

They are also very small and therefore suitable for puppies .

Baked dog biscuits: A delicious snack option

If you want a portion of fiber, you will find delicious dog biscuits in our range in the Pawsome Shop.

When it comes to our dog biscuits in the dog online shop, we also ensure that the ingredients are of the highest quality , that they do not contain any unnecessary preservatives and that healthy ingredients further enhance the reward for your four-legged friend.

Your four-legged friend will definitely be happy about a change every now and then. How about our coconut drops or cottage cheese crackers?

Thanks to purely natural ingredients and gentle preparation, this is not only a successful treat, but also has health benefits for your dog.

The optimal dog treats for every taste

No matter whether your four-legged friend has allergies, is very picky or you just want to pamper him especially: with us you will find a wide range of treats for dogs that are always delicious, natural and free of preservatives and other unnecessary ingredients.

Pure nature for the health of your four-legged friend!

Why should I only feed my dog ​​natural dog treats without preservatives?

  1. Avoiding unhealthy ingredients: Many conventional dog treats contain unhealthy ingredients such as colorings, flavor enhancers and preservatives that can be harmful to your dog's health.

  2. Improve health: A balanced diet with natural foods can help your dog feel healthier, fitter and live longer.

  3. Avoiding Allergic Reactions: Some dogs are allergic to certain ingredients in conventional treats. This can lead to skin problems, diarrhea or vomiting. By using natural treats, such reactions can be avoided.

  4. Better Taste: Natural treats often have a better taste than conventional treats, which can help your dog enjoy eating them more and be more motivated during training and play activities.

  5. Promote a sustainable lifestyle: Using natural treats supports a sustainable lifestyle and helps reduce the environmental impact of the use of synthetic ingredients and preservatives.

Overall, natural dog treats without preservatives are a healthier and more sustainable choice for your dog. However, it is important to note that not all natural treats are created equal and it is important to pay careful attention to the ingredients to ensure that the treat is actually healthy and nutritious and that your pet will tolerate it well.

Our Viennese factory

100% handmade

Every collar and leash is lovingly handcrafted by us - because every dog ​​is special and deserves a unique collar. We can also guarantee the safety of your four-legged friend.