Care instructions

How do I care for Pawsome products?

We make our dog collars, leashes and harnesses from premium materials that we carefully select. We attach great importance to the materials being robust, easy to care for and durable. With a little care, our products will become loyal companions on all your adventures.

How do I care for products made from greased leather?

Fatty leather is covered with a fatty layer. Very robust leather is often used as the starting material. This light protective layer of grease makes the leather supple and therefore very resilient. It is also less susceptible to environmental influences such as moisture, cold or water.

Your four-legged friend can also dare to jump into the cool water with his new greased leather collar. But please remember to wash it off with clean water after swimming and “refresh” the fat layer so that it stays supple.

This is how easy it is to care for a dog collar or dog harness made of greased leather:

A transparent leather grease is best (we offer natural leather greases in our online shop that you can even use as paw care).

Wet a soft cloth with a little leather grease and pull the leather collar through the cloth a few times. You can now massage the “new” layer of fat into the leather. Simply remove excess grease with the cloth.

How do I care for climbing rope products?

Since climbing rope has a very smooth surface, it is hardly susceptible to dirt. However, if the collar or leash becomes very dirty, you can clean the products (please not the leather) by hand with a mild soap and lukewarm water . Please hang up the collar or leash afterwards so that it can dry completely.

You can also clean products that do not contain leather in the washing machine in a laundry bag and without spinning at a maximum of 30 degrees.

For the safety of your loved one, please note:

Improper use of the ordered products can lead to unforeseeable impairments . Therefore please avoid:

- Damage caused by chewing or biting

- Grinding marks and abrasions

- Wash in the spin cycle

- Damage caused by improper use (e.g. throwing carabiners on the ground)

- Damage caused by excessive use in water and dirt

We are also happy to offer repairs for a small fee .