Pawsome Family Club

Pawsome Family Club

Help us grow and get your desired product for free!

As a Pawsome Family Club member, you'll receive rewards for helping a sustainable, family-run online dog supplies store grow!

The best part? Anyone and everyone can participate, whether you have an Instagram account or not - and if you do, even better! But it doesn't matter at all how many followers you have.

It works that simply:

  • Please follow the steps here:
  • We will then create a unique code for you that will give the person who uses it (i.e. anyone other than yourself) a 5% discount on our own products.
  • Share your code in your dog community, in friendly conversations at the dog park, with your family, friends and Instagram followers
  • Every time your code is used, you'll receive a 10% reward discount credited to your Family Club account - meaning you'll gradually build up more discount for yourself
  • You can redeem this discount as follows - there are 2 options:
  • 1) You collect as long as you want - for example until 3 orders have been generated using the code and you have collected a 30% discount.
    You are welcome to email us at any time and ask how often your code has been used.

    If you then decide to redeem the discount, 30% will be deducted from your next order (only applies to our Pawsome products). Your collection account will then be reset and you can start collecting again.

    2) If you prefer to wait until the code has been used 10 times , we will contact you as soon as this is the case - and we will then agree together which product you would like to have a 100% discount on - i.e. which one you would like to receive for free!

    The more often you recommend our Viennese factory, the more rewards you collect and the higher your chance of receiving your desired product from our dog accessories online shop for free!

    Thanks for helping us grow!