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Dental care for dogs – with practical products in the Pawsome Shop

Our four-legged friends' teeth need regular care just like ours. But that doesn't necessarily mean you have to brush the teeth of a dog with healthy gums and teeth. Rather, you can integrate dental hygiene into your everyday life - with the right chewing items , the right food, chewing toys and - if necessary - a practical dental fingerling.

Teeth cleaning is particularly natural and effective if your dog eats fresh, uncooked bones allowed to gnaw. Chewing removes dirt and plaque and ensures clean teeth. In addition, the chewing muscles are strengthened. The dog produces more saliva - this also helps clean the teeth .

The alternative to bones

But it's not just fresh bones that are suitable for cleaning dog's teeth: dried, natural chewing items such as Mock ears or bovine scalp your pet cleans his teeth in a humane manner and strengthens his jaw. Chewing also helps calm you down.

In addition to chewing products, there are also Dog toys that are suitable for cleaning dog teeth. Our dental toy made of natural rubber is free of harmful substances, extra robust and the holey structure means your four-legged friend's teeth are cleaned particularly intensively. At the same time, the gums are massaged. You can also hide treats in the dental toy, which makes chewing fun a particularly popular game for your four-legged friend and also keeps him mentally busy.

If your dog already suffers from contamination or tartar, we recommend gently and regularly cleaning the teeth with the Tooth finger cot from LILA LOVES IT . You can simply put it over your finger and clean your four-legged friend's teeth in a particularly easy way. The gentle pressure removes plaque and dirt.

How do I get my dog ​​used to brushing his teeth?

At best, you already do yours Puppies Familiar with it, let him sniff the fingerling extensively, gently put it in his mouth every now and then and then reward him with a treat. It is best for your dog to lie relaxed in its place during this exercise. This is how your darling learns From an early age , brushing your teeth is something completely normal and everyday that you don't have to be afraid of.

At adult dogs you should start doing this regularly To check your dog's teeth , gently open your dog's mouth every now and then and touch his teeth. You can also do this command introduce it so that your four-legged friend knows what to expect. Praise him again and again reward him with treats if he cooperates well and allows himself to be eaten in his mouth without any problem. If he resists, you should stop the exercise and build it up in smaller steps another day or wait for a better moment.

Also on the You should slowly get your dog used to fingerling - if he knows how to control his teeth, you can also bring in the fingerling at some point and let him sniff it and briefly put it in his mouth. Also associate the fingerling with praise and treats.

After a few days of getting used to the finger cot, you can then gently place it on your teeth. It's best to start with the front fangs (this is where a lot of tartar usually collects) and work your way in slow circular movements to the back teeth. 
Stop the exercise every now and then, pet and reward your four-legged friend, and see how he reacts. With a little training, brushing your teeth will become a nice everyday ritual for both of you!

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