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Waterproof towing line made from BiothaneWaterproof towing line made from Biothane
Lick mat for dogs | Pink Lick mat for dogs | Pink
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Lick mat for dogs | Sage green Lick mat for dogs | Sage green
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Premium accessories for dog training in the Pawsome Shop

A lot of training, consistency and love is necessary to turn the cute puppy or the fearful animal protection dog into a reliable partner. Some aids and accessories are helpful for training your four-legged friend. Whether treats as a reward, treat bags, clickers, dog whistles or dummies - in the Pawsome Shop you will find everything useful and important for successful dog training.

Not just for hunting dogs: retrieval training

Whether dummy, ball or retrieving stick - training retrieval requires a lot of patience and cooperation from dog and owner. That's why it's perfect to include in your daily walks - usually just a few minutes are enough to keep your dog mentally busy.

Many dogs have to be taught how to bring an object back - this is easiest done with treats, a leash and a food dummy.

You can fill the food dummy with treats, close it and, first of all, feed it to your dog. Then you place the food dummy near you and ask your dog to bring it to you. If he does that, you can immediately open the dummy again and reward him with treats.

Gradually increase the distance from which your four-legged friend should bring the dummy. You can also hide it so your dog has to use his nose. Every time you reward him after a successful retrieve . If he wants to do an extra lap with the dummy, you can gently pull him towards you using the tow line.

You can then gradually introduce a command such as "search" and swap the food dummy for other objects - such as retrieving sticks or conventional dummies - that your pet should search for and bring to you.

Reward in everyday life: treat bags

Especially in the early days with your pet, you should always have treats with you - because every time he consciously or unconsciously does something right, you can quickly reward him with them. Treat bags that can be attached to the belt loop or leash are the ideal companions because you always have the treats to hand and your hands free. The treat bags in the Pawsome Shop are also easy to clean, making them very hygienic and some are also suitable for BARF.

The perfect callback: dog whistles

The combination of a drag leash, treats and dog whistle is suitable for practicing recall in order to tell your pet that he should come back to you, even from greater distances . A dog whistle always sounds the same and is not “emotional”. Imagine:

Your four-legged friend has absolutely no desire to come back to you and prefers to sniff a tree 30 meters away. If you call his name in a slightly annoyed manner, your voice will sound different than if you lure him to you full of enthusiasm. Your four-legged friend may then find it difficult to classify these vocal tones.

With a dog whistle you don't have this problem because its sound doesn't change .

Dog training with clicker

Training with the clicker is a method based on behavioral research to motivate dogs to perform desired behaviors using an acoustic signal from the clicker and the associated reward.

A clicker improves the timing in your joint training and is therefore an important tool. In our Pawsome Shop you will find high-quality clickers made of wood, stainless steel and brass , which are not only functional, but also extra durable and visually eye-catching.

Training with the towline

If you and your four-legged friend are training on safe recall, a drag leash can be a great tool . You can use the drag leash to gently bring your dog back to you if he doesn't come straight away when you call him back - and then reward him straight away. This way you can also train your dog not to run into the undergrowth and within which radius he should stay.

In our Viennese factory we manufacture robust towing lines made of biothane that are extremely easy to clean - which is of course a huge advantage with a towing line that largely drags on the ground. They also fit well in the hand and are very light.

Sustainable, robust dog accessories

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Nature is close to our hearts because it is where we go on the most beautiful walks with our dogs. That's why at PAWSOME you'll only find products made from sustainable production and environmentally friendly materials that can take a beating . Treating employees fairly is also very important to us.
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