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Puppy Special: Set | Puppy collar & rope leash including 25% voucherPuppy Special: Set | Puppy collar & rope leash including 25% voucher

The theme worlds in the Pawsome dog online shop

The needs of our four-legged friends are different - because in addition to their individual character, state of health, age, etc., the owner's living conditions are also very different.

Do you both enjoy traveling over hill and dale and climbing the highest mountains? Or do you prefer leisurely walks? Vacationing together in a camper van or car? Is dog training and dog sports your passion?

Allergies, age, length of coat, etc. must also be taken into account when choosing the right products for your dog.

And what do you actually need when an animal roommate moves in with you?

Tips, product ideas and community experiences in our theme worlds

In our PAWSOME themed worlds we present you useful products from our selected range and give you tips and useful information about our favorites. We research specific questions in detail, let our community have their say with their own experiences , create checklists and provide an overview of everyday topics with dogs.

Get inspired and feel free to browse through our theme worlds - they will always change to bring variety for you!

Sustainable, robust dog accessories

Selected for you by Eva

Nature is close to our hearts because it is where we go on the most beautiful walks with our dogs. That's why at PAWSOME you'll only find products made from sustainable production and environmentally friendly materials that can take a beating . Treating employees fairly is also very important to us.
In addition, you as a customer are our focus - which is why our customer service is happy to advise you at any time.