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Retriever leash made of greased leather 'Bayo'Retriever leash made of greased leather 'Bayo'
Retriever leash 'Olive Grove'
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Retriever leash 'Vienna'
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Retriever leash 'Earthy'Retriever leash 'Earthy'
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Handmade retriever leashes made from sustainable materials

At Pawsome, all retriever leashes are handmade, mainly using rope and leather. You can find out here what is important in a high-quality retriever leash.

Which materials are used?

Only high-quality and sustainable materials are used to make Pawsome Retriever leashes. The rope is durable and combines a stylish look with safety. The ropes are specially developed to withstand extreme loads and, in extreme cases, can even withstand a fall on the mountain.

Our retriever leashes also offer safety and comfort - for you and your four-legged friend. The hand strap made of greased leather is not only incredibly easy to care for, but also nestles perfectly in your hand. The weatherproof brass fittings and the robust carabiners complete the retriever leashes.

The advantages of a retriever leash with rope

Designed for use in difficult terrain, rope is extremely durable. Dog leashes made from this material can withstand much more than conventional leashes. Rope lines are more tear-resistant and can easily withstand friction, making them more durable than synthetic lines.

The robust material not only benefits you, but also your dog. Since you don't have to worry about the tear resistance of the retriever rope, your four-legged friend can move freely without any worries. The leash can easily drag on the ground or through bushes without being damaged.

The advantages of a retriever leash with leather

To produce greased leather, robust cowhide is greased at a deep temperature. The high-quality oils used are not just applied superficially, but are brought deep into the leather. This results in some important factors that make greased leather a suitable material for your retriever leash.

Fat leather is not only visually beautiful and feels supple, it is also extremely weatherproof and durable. In addition, greased leather has no hard edges and does not burn in the hand when “walking through”. It is also more flexible and resilient than normal leather. The hand strap is pleasantly soft in the hand and does not cut into the hand.

The advantages of the retriever leash at a glance

The practical thing about our retriever leashes is that you have a collar and dog leash in one. This means you can quickly put your dog on and off the leash by simply putting the leash over his head. The individually adjustable stop prevents your dog from being choked. This manual setting also allows the retriever leash to grow with your dog.

The rings allow you to adjust the leash twice and adjust the length as desired. You can also hang the leash around your neck and enjoy the walk with your hands free. For more sniffing space, you can use the full two meters or use the leash as a short guide for the city.

The greased leather hand strap sits comfortably in the hand and successfully repels water and dirt. So you don't have to worry about your leash getting dirty even in rainy weather. All materials used are easy to clean and can safely get wet.

Design Your Own

The goal of Pawsome dog accessories is to offer the perfect solution for every four-legged and two-legged friend. That's why the majority of the leashes are also available for individual design and personalization . Most products are available in many different color combinations and you can have the name of your favorite one engraved by us.

Since all leashes and collars are carefully handcrafted by Pawsome employees, each product is unique. This makes it possible to make an individual tailor-made product for your dog and your wishes are taken into account. This also ensures quality and high standards.

Five good reasons for a handmade retriever leash from Pawsome

Finally, you can see an overview of the advantages and reasons for buying a retriever leash from Pawsome:

✓ Extra robust and tear-resistant
✓ Neck part that grows with the child
✓ The leash is adjustable in two ways
✓ Buttery-soft greased leather wrist strap
✓ Weatherproof, dirt-repellent and stable thanks to premium quality
✓ Can be customized according to your ideas

    Our Viennese factory

    100% handmade

    Every collar and leash is lovingly handcrafted by us - because every dog ​​is special and deserves a unique collar. We can also guarantee the safety of your four-legged friend.