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Natural ear care and ear cleaning in the Pawsome Shop

The ears are a very important and frequently used sensory organ in our four-legged friends. Unfortunately, some dog breeds are more prone to ear infections. Allergies or swimming can also trigger an acute ear infection. Floppy-eared dogs in particular suffer from this because hardly any air gets into their ears.

Unfortunately, ear infections can also become chronic if they are not treated - and this can lead to serious damage to the eardrum etc.
This causes symptoms such as head shaking, scratching and severe pain as well as itching . If an ear infection has already occurred, quick help is important. Because of the itching, your four-legged friend will otherwise constantly scratch himself and thus bring new germs into his ears - a vicious circle.

The ear care products in the Pawsome Shop contain natural, highly effective ingredients such as microsilver, lactic acid, zinc or lavender oil. They gently clean and care for your dog's ears.

Why are dog ears actually susceptible to inflammation?

Dogs' ear canals are not straight, but rather kinked. This kink makes cleaning more difficult and dirt can build up more easily. In addition, the ear is less ventilated. Bacteria and yeast fungi in particular feel comfortable in this environment.

To ensure that these don't stand a chance, regular ear care is very important.

Prevention with ear care

We recommend the ear cleaner from LILA LOVES IT for regular dog ear care. Based on natural lactic acid, an unfavorable environment for fungi, bacteria and parasites is created.

Plant-based surfactants help to gently loosen stuck earwax and thanks to a combination of microsilver, zinc and lavender, the skin in the ear is soothed and cared for.

If your four-legged friend is already suffering from an ear infection, it's best to use the ear drops from LILA LOVES IT . The EAR-ENGEL is dripped into the dog's ears after cleaning and intensively nourishes the skin. With natural ingredients (aloe vera, zinc, lavender and witch hazel), the OHR-ENGEL strengthens the skin's natural protective layer, making it more resilient and therefore better protected against yeast fungi, bacteria, etc.

If your dog has scratched himself sore, you should disinfect the areas as quickly as possible to prevent them from becoming infected. Here we recommend the silver spray from LILA LOVES IT , which gently cleanses the skin and supports regeneration thanks to highly effective microsilver. The First Aid Balm also helps you heal sore dog ears.

What to do if the edges of your ears are open?

First of all, it is very important to find out the cause of your dog's open, sore ear edges. Often there can also be a deficiency (e.g. zinc deficiency). This should be clarified by a veterinarian. Of course, it can also be the case that the edges of the ear tear due to excessive shaking (e.g. during an ear infection).
You can apply joveg's natural MIRACLE care product to the edges of your ears to gently support the healing process.

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