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Dieses Bild zeigt eine nachhaltige Alternative zu Plastik-Kotbeuteln. Die Kotbeutel von PooPick sind aus Papier und in zwei Größen bei PAWSOME Hundezubehör erhältlich.Dieses Bild zeigt eine nachhaltige Alternative zu Plastik-Kotbeuteln. Die Kotbeutel von PooPick sind aus Papier und in zwei Größen bei PAWSOME Hundezubehör erhältlich.

Treat bags & food bags for dogs in the Pawsome dog online shop

Treat bag: For a reward in between

The snack or treat bag is one of the most important items when you get ready to go for a walk. As the saying goes, the way to your heart is through your stomach. We believe that dog training doesn't just work with treats, but rewards are a huge part of it. Praise in combination with a small treat confirms to the four-legged friend that he has done something right.

Which treats belong in the treat bag?

Dry food and dog treats are suitable rewards for training with the food bag . But BARF is also possible: Our treat bags, which are coated on the inside, are washable and can therefore be easily cleaned in the washing machine . You should definitely adapt the snacks to your dog. In our Pawsome Shop you will find 100% natural treats , free of preservatives, which are particularly suitable for food bag training.

What should you look for in treat bags?

When you are out and about with your dog and playing or training with it, it is recommended to always have the treat at hand. In order not to miss the right moment and not to have to dig the little snack out of your pocket or handbag, we recommend our handmade treat bags . You can easily attach this to your belt with a carabiner .

PS: The food bag is not a toy, but rather supports you during training. It should not be used for tugging games.

In the Pawsome Shop you will also find many other training supplies for successful dog training, such as biothane drag lines , dog whistles and food dummies.

Treat bags for dog training and everyday life

Dog training is not always easy because every dog ​​is different. While some are very anxious, others like to “do their own thing” and for others there is nothing better than dealing with their master and mistress, the owner also has to respond to each character individually. What most dogs respond positively to is reward in the form of food .

After all, it is deeply rooted in their evolutionary biology to get as much food as possible. That's why you'll always be perfectly equipped if you take a treat bag with you to dog training . But: Stay consistent and use the treats specifically.

Otherwise it may happen that your pet gets used to the start and the reward is no longer anything special for him. This can also have a negative effect on the dog's weight, because you should always subtract treats from the rest of the food you give throughout the day.

Correct rationing and of course, depending on the dog, the size of the treats are therefore extremely important.

What special treat bags are there?

Our conventional treat bags are supplemented by so-called food dummies - throw-and-bring objects that you can fill directly with treats. This makes it particularly easy for you to practice retrieving; the dog will quickly notice that he can only get to the delicious contents if he brings the food dummy back to his owner . After successfully retrieving, you can reward your darling directly from the food dummy.

Thanks to the zipper, only you can open the feeding dummy. This fills the dummy with treats and closes it. This allows you to practice retrieving.

A joint game of hide-and-seek with the food dummy also puts the dog through physical and mental stress and is a lot of fun.

Which material is suitable for dog food bags?

Finding the right material for your treat bag depends a little on what reward your dog gets.
If it's dry treats that are hardly greasy, all types of robust, easy-care textiles are suitable.
If you want to use BARF or moist food when rewarding during training, then we recommend our treat bags from TREUSINN, which are made from a particularly easy-to-wipe material that nothing sticks to.
This type of food bag is also ideal for slightly greasy treats.

Buy practical treat bags in the Pawsome Shop

The treat bags in our shop have a stylish but at the same time unique design, so every dog ​​owner gets their money's worth. They are therefore perfect for all kinds of excursions. We attach great importance to sustainability and quality in our range.

You will therefore only find treat bags from small manufacturers that place great value on handcraft and environmental protection. The lining pockets are also water and dirt repellent - so you can go on your adventures with them in wind and weather!

Sustainable, robust dog accessories

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Nature is close to our hearts because it is where we go on the most beautiful walks with our dogs. That's why at PAWSOME you'll only find products made from sustainable production and environmentally friendly materials that can take a beating . Treating employees fairly is also very important to us.
In addition, you as a customer are our focus - which is why our customer service is happy to advise you at any time.