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Sustainable dog bowls in premium quality

In addition to daily food, your pet also needs enough to drink - so there should be at least 2 dog bowls in your shared home. What requirements do we place on the dog bowls in our shop?

We think a bowl should definitely be sturdy so that it can't be pushed around the room while your dog is eating. On the one hand, this can be very disturbing for him and also unpleasant for you - because it often happens that food or water is spread around the room.

It should also be easy to clean. Hygiene is particularly important. Especially if you feed BARF, for example, it is important that you can wash the dog bowl out with hot water.

The third criterion for us is the appearance - after all, the dog bowl should look nice in your shared home!

The correct size of the dog bowl

How big should a dog bowl be? There is no rule of thumb for this. But the following applies:
In general, the food bowl should be slightly larger than the meal being fed. It is also more comfortable for your pet to eat from a larger bowl.

It also depends a little on your dog's snout : if he has a short snout, it is easier for him to eat from a shallower bowl. Longer snouts benefit from a deeper food bowl.

Dogs with a wide muzzle, such as Amstaff, bulldogs or mastiffs, usually prefer to eat from a bowl that is wide enough.

The capacity volume also plays a role and does not always correspond to the size or diameter. The larger the dog, the more generous the capacity should be. The water bowl should be about the same size as the food bowl.

Find your perfect food bowl in the Pawsome dog accessories online shop

Finding the right food bowl for dogs is not always that easy: There are a variety of different models available in stores, and manufacturers offer a wide variety of sizes, colors and materials .

Which food bowl is right for my dog?

Large dogs should not eat from a bowl that is too low because they have to bend down to do so. This pushes the elbows apart so that they don't push the elbow bones into the ribcage. This position is anything but comfortable for the dog.

It is therefore best for very large dog breeds to get their food in a feeding bowl in an elevated position to avoid the dog's head having to bend deeply.

The perfect bowl should also be non-slip and the size of the bowl is always adjusted to the dog's individual needs.

Another criterion that will be particularly important to owners: We want to be able to clean the feeding bowl quickly and, above all, easily.

This is how you find the perfect feeding bowl for your darling:

  • Stainless steel feeding bowl : Stainless steel is particularly practical to clean, bacteria don't stand a chance. The stainless steel feeding bowl can also be put in the dishwasher. The optimal hygienic feeding place for your darling!
  • Ceramic feeding bowl : The ceramic feeding bowl from Treusinn is simple yet beautiful: thanks to the different colors inside, it complements any interior perfectly. It is also completely non-slip and very robust, so that it does not slide around in the room while eating. The smooth surface ensures that the ceramic feeding bowl can be easily cleaned.
  • Concrete feeding bowl : This feeding bowl is particularly stable and fits in every corner thanks to its triangular shape: perfect even for small apartments. Here, too, it is hardly possible to move it around and it cannot tip over.

Choosing the right feeding bowl helps with the feeding routine

The feeding place of your beloved four-legged friend should meet two criteria: To ensure that the feeding bowls can be found straight away, it is best to always put them in the same place . Another important topic when feeding: The feeding place should allow privacy while eating . Dogs who expect disturbances while eating tend to gobble and choke more easily.

Please ensure that a filled water bowl is always available . The water should be changed regularly.

We offer a wide variety of bowls for all needs in our dog accessories online shop. Whether it's an easy-care stainless steel bowl, a stylish wooden bowl or a high-quality, handmade ceramic bowl: you're sure to find the perfect feeding bowl for your four-legged friend in the Pawsome Shop!

Sustainable, robust dog accessories

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