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The perfect dog blanket for your adventures

Before buying a dog blanket, you should ask yourself what purpose you would like to use it for: should it serve as protection for the sofa, to cover up on the dog bed, as a blanket for on the go or as a pad in the car? In our Pawsome Shop you will find the right dog blanket for every occasion - and of course for every dog ​​size.

Wool dog blankets are very comfortable , warm in winter and cool in summer, so they have climate-regulating properties. In addition, wool has a natural protective layer due to the wool fat and dirt and hair can usually simply be knocked out.
Dog blankets made of synthetic fibers or cotton are particularly easy to clean because you can simply put them in the washing machine.
You can roll up all of our dog blankets to save space and transport them easily.

Why does my dog ​​need a dog blanket?

A dog blanket is an important item for dog owners as it provides the four-legged friend with a comfortable and clean place to sit and rest. Whether at home or out and about in the cafe, a dog blanket is a practical way to protect your dog from cold, dirty surfaces and provide them with a clean space.

When traveling, the dog may have to sit on unhygienic surfaces, which can lead to skin irritation or even illness. With a dog blanket, this is no longer a problem as the dog always has a clean and comfortable surface.

Another advantage of dog blankets is that they are easy to fold up and take with you anywhere. This means you can always have it with you and offer your dog a comfortable place to sit and rest, regardless of where you are.

Overall, a dog blanket is an essential accessory for dog owners that offers your four-legged friend a comfortable place to sit and rest anywhere. In addition, it is easy to transport and always ready to hand when you are out and about with your dog.

Dog blankets: Regular cleaning is important

To ensure that germs do not collect on the dog blanket or it starts to smell unpleasant, especially when you use it when you are out and about, you should clean the blanket regularly. Blankets made of cotton, cotton blends or synthetic fibers can usually be cleaned in the washing machine at 30°C to 60°C . You are on the safe side with a fragrance-free detergent.

If you shake out the dog blanket regularly and clean it with a damp cloth if the material is washable, you will remove dirt from time to time and save yourself the odd wash.

Find the right dog blanket for all your adventures

No matter whether you are looking for a cozy dog ​​blanket that your four-legged friend will feel comfortable in or that will protect your car and sofa - at Pawsome you will find sustainable dog blankets for every everyday situation and every size!

Sustainable, robust dog accessories

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Nature is close to our hearts because it is where we go on the most beautiful walks with our dogs. That's why at PAWSOME you'll only find products made from sustainable production and environmentally friendly materials that can take a beating . Treating employees fairly is also very important to us.
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