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The right grooming for every dog

Over 300 different dog breeds - and lots of mixed breeds. The fur coat of our four-legged friends is as different as their personalities. During the centuries that dogs have lived with humans, their coats have adapted to many different circumstances. It often consists of top hair and undercoat.

While dog breeds like Samoyeds have a very lush undercoat, the coat of a Magyar Vizsla, for example, has no undercoat. Therefore, grooming is different for every dog .

Regular grooming is of utmost importance for the dog. Good grooming keeps the coat shiny and healthy and helps remove tangles and dirt. In addition, regular grooming can also protect against parasites such as ticks by ensuring that they cannot settle in the fur.

The perfect coat care for your dog's health

Good grooming can also help dogs have fewer allergic reactions and skin irritations. A well-groomed coat is also better able to wick away moisture and dirt, resulting in dogs smelling more pleasant and being less prone to skin problems.

Regular grooming is also a great way to build a close bond with your dog. It gives you the opportunity to examine him closely and make sure he is healthy and happy. It is also a great opportunity to give him attention and care and make him feel loved and valued.

Regular grooming is also important to maintain a healthy and well-groomed appearance. A well-groomed coat can help your dog perform well in competitions or exhibitions.

In summary, regular grooming is an important part of your dog's health care. It keeps the coat healthy, protects against parasites, improves general well-being, promotes a close bond with your dog and helps maintain a healthy and well-groomed appearance. Make sure you provide your dog with regular grooming to promote his health and well-being.

Combing and brushing support dog fur care

No matter how long and dense the fur is: brushing is good for every dog ​​and removes dead hair from the fur , which means you don't have to vacuum as much. At the same time it prevents matting. Brushing is also very pleasant for the dog - almost like a massage. And you also strengthen your bond through closeness and physical contact - a win-win situation!

With us you will find brushes for long-haired and short-haired dogs that are made from natural materials.

Even though brushing is pleasant for most dogs, you should slowly get your four-legged friend used to it. Let him sniff the brush the first time and reward him with a treat right away. Grooming should be a relaxed ritual for both of you . It's best to use a time when your dog is relaxed and lying down. If he has stayed still, you can reward him again at the end.

When do dogs need to be bathed?

Since dog skin and fur are virtually self-cleaning, it is often enough to brush your four-legged friend. Bathing too often can cause skin irritation. If you have to and your dog is very dirty , has rolled around or smells unpleasant , please use a shampoo that is tailored to the pH value of the dog's skin and does not contain any fragrances. Healthy dog ​​skin and fur needs a moisturizing shampoo without chemical ingredients .

All dog shampoos in our Pawsome Shop are made from purely natural ingredients, contain no fragrances and are specially designed for the needs of dog skin.

After bathing, you can put your four-legged friend on one of our organic cotton dog bathrobes in 5 beautiful colors to protect your floor and walls and keep your dog warm.

Sustainable, robust dog accessories

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Nature is close to our hearts because it is where we go on the most beautiful walks with our dogs. That's why at PAWSOME you'll only find products made from sustainable production and environmentally friendly materials that can take a beating . Treating employees fairly is also very important to us.
In addition, you as a customer are our focus - which is why our customer service is happy to advise you at any time.