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Dog whistles, clickers & Co: Find the best training aids for dogs with us!

Dog whistles and clickers are important tools in dog training . Whether it's a reminder or a reward - there are many areas of application for such educational aids. This also allows you to train over longer distances.

Dog Clicker: For easy conditioning

When training your dog, it is important that you remain consistent and do not intimidate your dog.

You can reinforce positive behavior with a dog clicker . In addition, with the clicker it is much easier to catch the right moment.

First of all, it is important to condition the dog to the clicker . Here, for example, you can start by having your four-legged friend receive a treat from you at the same moment you hear the click sound, without him having to do anything for it.

Once you have practiced this for a few minutes over several days, you can introduce that your four-legged friend has to "sit" in advance for treats and click noises, for example. Practice this with several commands. If this exercise works perfectly after a few days, you can try more difficult situations, such as calling back. You go for a walk, you call your dog, he comes to you - and click and treat.

It will take a few weeks, but you will see that at some point your dog's brain will have associated the click sound with the reward and you can leave the treat out.

The dog whistle: A great means of communication between dog and owner

You probably know it: you've been practicing something for days or weeks, it's worked well - and suddenly your darling switches it off completely.
For example, if you are out in the woods and you want to call him back because another dog is coming, but your pet doesn't want to turn around and come to you right away, your voice may become a little rougher. And here's the catch: Do you think your dog will want to come to you when he notices you're upset? In many cases, probably not.

Dogs often misunderstand the voice and posture of their owners. There can be a lot of emotion in the voice, which is not always appropriate and may unsettle the dog. And here dog whistles are an ideal solution!

They are great for training because they have a frequency that is barely perceptible to human hearing, but is even better for our dogs. You can of course use the dog whistle for many other situations - you can simply vary the length and height of the whistle.

Find your perfect dog training aid with us

Whether you are looking for a classic dog whistle or high-frequency whistle for longer distances or want to reinforce positive behavior with a dog clicker : We have selected the best dog whistles and clickers for you in the Pawsome online shop.

If you have any questions about our products, we would be happy to advise you in advance!

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