Hurray, a puppy is moving in! - Everything you should get before he arrives

Hurra, ein Welpe zieht ein! - Was du alles vor seiner Ankunft besorgen solltest

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The puppy moves in – anticipation and the first purchase

The anticipation when you have decided on a puppy and have to wait a few more weeks for him is simply something very special. You begin to imagine the first moments with your loved one and are full of anticipation. After choosing the puppy, the next step comes to you: the first purchase for the new family member!

For me it was one of those unforgettable moments in the preparation period and significantly shortened the waiting time. Since I didn't want to be one of the unprepared dog parents, I searched the Internet for lists of initial puppy equipment . I was overwhelmed by information. Everyone had different tips. A lot of things seemed pointless or unnecessary to me. Since we had only had one older female dog, we lacked puppy products.

Shopping list

I went to the pet supply stores with a self-made list and came back with a much smaller wallet. Unfortunately, I'm one of those people who doesn't like shopping for themselves, but could spend hours wandering around the shops for their dog. The price is rather secondary. The important thing is that it is practical and easy to use and I don't need a degree in quantum physics. To make it easier for future dog parents to wade through the oversupply of puppy equipment, here is my personal list of the best.

Relaxation for your puppy

One of the most important issues when living with a puppy and growing dog is rest. Our vet always said that a dog has to learn first so that things will be easier for him later in life. I agree.

How the dog gets to rest and the puppy gets the 20 hours of sleep he needs a day is up to each individual. Some people prefer to use a dog bed, and others use a dog box or kennel.

Puppy sleeps on woman

Dog bed

Everyone probably knows the classic dog bed . It's plush, cuddly and available in many different shapes and materials. What you choose depends on your taste. However, keep in mind that a puppy may experience diarrhea and/or vomiting, especially in the beginning. Make sure the fabric or basket is washable. Some have removable covers, others can be taken apart and machine washed. It is advisable not to buy a bed that is too expensive or too large, as your little one is still growing. Puppies in particular tend to take apart and possibly destroy their sleeping area out of curiosity.

Dog box/kennel

The kennel is usually a large metal cage with bars and is usually used for large dogs. For smaller four-legged friends, a dog box, which is usually made of hard plastic, is sufficient. There is a lockable door on the outside of both. Your dog will be grateful for his opportunity to retreat and will be happy to return to it again and again. In addition, most dog crates are well suited for transport.

Dog lies in a cage

Walk with puppy

Collar and harness

Opinions differ here. Some love the harness, others only use collars. It makes sense to get your dog used to both. You can still make a decision later. Especially when it comes to walking on a leash, it's hard to say so early on what you'll have more success with. Every dog ​​has different preferences, some of which they are just developing. If the puppy knows both, you can easily switch to one primarily later. A harness is definitely recommended as it is an absolute must for walking on a towline. Harness made from Biothane is particularly suitable for this, as it retains its shape even when pulled strongly.

Dog lies in the grass

Puppy set

When it comes to puppy sets, pay attention to the quality of the products. Make sure they are suitable for your dog and its breed. The Pawsome Puppy Starter Box is a good choice for all dogs thanks to its individual filling.

Leash for puppies

The material should fit well in the hand and be easy to grip so that nothing slips through your fingers when it gets wet. Climbing rope is particularly stable and fits well in the hand. Depending on your use, you can choose between different lengths. What you and your dog like best in the end will become clear over time.

White dog sit

A towing line made of a light material is recommended. Biothane is ideal for this. On a long leash, your puppy can safely explore his environment and work with you on safe recall.

Activities for puppies

A puppy is curious and wants to get to know the world. In addition to playing in the garden or walking the dog, there are other options. At home you can use a puppy gate or a puppy run. Pay attention to the material so that there are no outliers. This means your four-legged friend can explore undisturbed without escaping. Still keep an eye on your dog.

Puppy carries toy in mouth

Most puppies like toys . Specialist retailers have a lot to offer. Make sure you get the right size. Don't leave your puppy alone while playing. This way you avoid your four-legged friend swallowing parts of the toy unnoticed.

Chew toys

Puppies like to chew, especially when their teeth are changing. This is calming, cleans the teeth and supports the change. So that you don't have to sacrifice furniture, use a suitable chew toy. Dental toys made from natural rubber are particularly popular. To relieve the pain, you can cool it before your four-legged friend chews on it.

During this time, avoid chewing toys and chewing items that are too hard so as not to damage the sensitive milk teeth.

Dog plays with natural rubber toys

Puppy care

I recommend using a puppy shampoo because the skin has a specific PH level. When purchasing, pay attention to the word “PH-neutral” so that the sensitive protective film cannot be destroyed and/or irritated.

A puppy brush is also great. It is particularly soft and gentle on sensitive skin.

Dog brushing his teeth

Try to practice brushing your teeth as early as early age. This will help your dog get used to the process. For this you need a dog toothbrush or a fingerling and dog toothpaste. This will save you from unpleasant dental treatment later.

Lastly, you should definitely have the basics for your dog first aid kit at home. A compact first aid kit is also suitable for on the go.

For the growling stomach

Every dog ​​needs its bowl for water and food . The material should be robust and easy to clean.

Dog eats from food bowl

There are special puppy food from an infinite number of manufacturers. The type of food you choose should depend on your dog's needs.

Check with your breeder or the organization where your dog comes from. Advice at a specialist store can also help. No matter what you choose: avoid grains, sugar and additives as well as unnecessary filling materials.

My must-haves short and clear:

Puppy lies on a blanket


What we could do without:

We got through puppyhood without pads or pads. If you are consistent with training and quick with cleaning, you will have no problems with this.

Pay attention to the right material: It's better to use a high-quality leash ! An unstable “cord” is quickly bitten through. If you like it extremely robust, you should choose Biothane . This means you are on the safe side when it comes to road traffic.

You can buy this later:

You can buy things like intelligence toys , whistles, clickers, etc. later. Orientate yourself on your dog and get advice from your trainer.

You can also get the final dog bed at a later date. Over the course of the first few weeks you will see what your dog likes and what type of bed he likes to lie in.

Less is more

The selection of puppy products seems endless. Every dog ​​is unique - buy what suits you and your pup best.

Woman and man with puppy

Personally, I decided on very little back then. We had a plastic dog crate in a smaller and larger size. After two months, a very large one moved in and stayed with us for almost two years. We had food and water bowls. We played with rope and stuffed animals . I cursed my tow line, which was far too unwieldy, because annoying knots kept forming. We didn’t buy dog ​​beds until much later. As well as aids such as whistles and clickers.

I wish all new dog parents a lot of fun with their first purchase for their new family member.

Have a nice puppy season everyone!

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