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Der Pawsome Hundeblog: Von Hundemenschen für Hundemenschen

Every dog ​​owner knows: you definitely won't get bored with a dog! In addition to endless walks in rustling forests, shared adventures and cozy evenings on the couch, you master everyday life, adapt to each other and learn from and with each other.

When Bjarki came into my life, I was quickly brought down to earth: It's not all that easy! I had informed myself, prepared as best I could, and wanted to do everything right. And then everything turns out differently - and especially than you think.

Despite tons of literature, dog training, consistency and love, I suddenly had a dog that I never wanted. Wild, loud, impetuous, the place screamed together when he was supposed to be left alone, sometimes jumped on me so that I had bruises all over my arm, couldn't sit still for a second, complained constantly, was sick from the start, cost me in the Thousands of euros in veterinary costs in the first 2 months.

It could have been so simple: He was actually allowed to go to work with both me and my boyfriend at the time - but he complained so much on the public transport on the way there that everyone looked at me as if I were an animal torturer.

At work he was constantly on the move, wanted attention, and over time annoyed all his work colleagues. So don't take anything with you to work. Then leave it alone for a short time and hire a dog sitter.
There was no need to leave him alone; after just a few minutes he was screaming so much that the neighbors couldn't tolerate it.
Okay, so I ordered food for weeks until I could afford an old, used car - so I could at least go shopping again and take it with me.
I wasn't able to do a single exercise at university. Why?
The dog sitters who were hired at the beginning (3 in total) absolutely couldn't handle him.

When nothing works: About doubts in dog training

It went on like this all the time: once I found an interim solution, Bjarki would throw it out the window. Almost every episode of “The Dog Professional” dealt with a quirk that Bjarki also had.

And that's exactly where I had my doubts: Would he have a better life somewhere in the country, with a sporty couple with dog experience and a large garden who can keep him busy to no end? Apparently I couldn't do it despite all the training and dedication.
I was already looking for suitable placement organizations.

But you know what? Most of the time you don't get the dog you want. But the one you need. And I needed Bjarki. So much. He showed me how irrelevant superficialities are, rekindled my love for nature, and held a mirror in front of my eyes: I'm sometimes loud, impulsive and impatient, I question things intensively - just like Bjarki. And then I started to see him as an ally.
To work with him instead of against his quirks.
And lo and behold: we became a great team. We are not perfect.

But we showed that despite a bad start, despite all the doubts, you can come together.

You Don't Have to Be Perfect: How to Become a Human-Dog Team

And that's exactly why I started this dog blog ! In the early days with Bjarki, it was extremely helpful for me to exchange ideas with others, to find out more about their journey and to see that we are not the only ones who have our problems.

On this blog, dog-human teams talk honestly and authentically about their experiences, give tips and recommendations - from dog people for dog people!

No matter whether it 's dog training tips, dog training, sports with dogs, vacations with dogs, dog health, dog food, the topic of keeping multiple dogs or the occasional cool dog DIY - on this dog blog we can all share our experiences and tips on life with dogs !

Dog tips for beginners - from real life dog people

The early days with your first dog – this time can be a real challenge , as you can see from the example of Bjarki and me. How often have I wished that someone could reassure me that everything will work out and that any doubts I may have are unfounded. That's why you'll find everything about puppyhood , puppy equipment and the first time with an animal welfare dog on this dog blog.

The topic of education - this is what your four-legged friend should learn

There is a lot to read and see online in terms of dog tricks, educational measures and training - you can quickly feel overwhelmed. Especially if, despite implementing the tips, not everything goes like clockwork with the four-legged rascal.

In our opinion, the most important thing when it comes to dog training is: the fun factor for dogs and humans! Animals, like us humans, learn best and most sustainably through play.

Off to new adventures: hiking and vacationing with your dog

Of course, hiking and traveling with dogs shouldn't be neglected either:
Our community shares lots of experiences and tips for dog-friendly holiday destinations and the perfect hiking routes with dogs.

Look forward to real and honest contributions! If you would also like to write for us and share your journey with other dog people on our dog blog, please feel free to contact us !

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