Camping with dogs - experiences & tips

Camping mit Hund - Erfahrungen & Tipps

An exciting trip together - and without permanent accommodation? In this article, four-legged friend Becks and his owner Marie tell you how they experienced their camping holidays with their dogs.

About the human-dog team: Marie & Becks

Who are we? I am Marie, 18 years old and have been able to call myself Mistress von Becks for more than two years. Beck's is an active animal protection dog from Romania. He is open to every adventure and can hardly be stopped when it comes to discovering new things. His greatest weakness is finding peace. We find adventure together when we travel.

When Beck moved in with me, my view of vacations and travel changed dramatically. I spend the best time in my everyday life with my dog ​​and that's why my furry friend can't be missed on vacation.

We traveled a lot, both in the hotel and in the tent, by car and also by train. My biggest highlights were definitely the camping holidays with my dog!

I will be happy to pass on my experiences to you in my post! A few tips for anyone who would like to try a camping holiday with a dog will also be included.

What appeals to us about camping with dogs

Camping gives us an incredible feeling of freedom. Holidays with two weeks all inclusive on the beach are relaxing for many people. For me, this form of vacation is uninteresting. By the second day at the beach and hotel complex, my inner restlessness breaks out.

I want to discover something, experience something! The tourist places and hotel complexes do not fulfill this urge. I love and live spontaneity and being close to nature on my vacations. There are campsites almost everywhere. Booking long in advance is not necessary and the minimalist life creates a deceleration.

Camping with a dog - Pawsome dog blog

Our routine when camping

We sleep in the same place for one or two nights and in the evening we think about where we are going tomorrow. If you don't value spontaneity, you can decide on the route in advance and book campsites. Camping is diverse and will meet every need.

In this article I mainly refer to camping in a tent with a dog. Since we don't vacation with a caravan, I have no experience with it. If I've managed to arouse your interest so far, you should read on.

Preparations for the camping trip

When camping, the dog learns new things in a short time. For many dogs this won't be a problem. Others are overwhelmed by this. Every dog ​​owner thinks in advance about how their dog will react to new circumstances.

I had no problems with Becks. He came camping for the first time when he was six months old and has come to terms with everything. If your dog doesn't take this well, there are a few tricks to avoid unpleasant surprises on vacation.

Get your dog used to the tent

The tent or motorhome is the largest “new item”. It is the place where the dog should find peace and protection. That's why you get anxious and insecure dogs used to their new retreat beforehand. With a tent it's pretty simple. Set it up beforehand in the garden or apartment if there is enough space.

If your dog is afraid of the tent, you can give him enough time to get used to it. With treats you create a positive association. You can put a dog's blanket in the tent, this will create a familiar smell.

It's the same with a motorhome, you should give the dog the opportunity to look at everything in peace.
Your dog will find it easier to accept a mobile home as a new retreat. Especially since it is much closer to a living space. In addition, the noises of the campsite are not as noticeable as in the tent.

Camping with dogs - Tips & Tricks - Pawsome dog blog Vienna

Teaching your dog to calm down on a camping holiday

Relaxing was definitely the hardest thing for Becks in the new situation. He takes care of everything and can't lose control. It's not easy for him to lie quietly in front of the tent and close his eyes. Intensive calming exercises can help your dog calm down in the hustle and bustle of the campsite.

You can do rest exercises almost anywhere. It's best to start in a quiet area and gradually increase the stimuli. Take a book with you, sit on a bench and wait. Don't give the dog any commands, just let him find peace and lie down on his own. Plan enough time and only finish the exercise when your dog is calm.

Traveling with your dog

Bus or train

You should think carefully about the route to the campsite: How will the furry friend get on holiday? Very few people will walk to the campsite. Traveling by bus and train is possible with planning, but 14 kg of luggage and a dog are difficult to handle.

Remember to have a muzzle. In some regions the dog needs its own ticket. Find out about the regulations beforehand so that there are no unpleasant surprises.

Or in the car?

Many people probably travel the distance by car, but safety comes first. Becks used to drive in a dog crate, which is the easiest way to secure the dog in the car. Since Becks likes to look out the window while driving, he now has a place in the back seat. It is secured to a comfortable harness with a self-made safety device.

It basically consists of a belt strap and a belt buckle. I got the lock from the local scrap dealer from an old identical car. The webbing is attached to the harness with a simple carabiner. It is a cheap and environmentally friendly option that offers individual security. You can also use a seat pad to protect your car.

Small packing list for your dog

Camping with a dog - great trips are guaranteed - Pawsome dog blog Vienna

Cheap travel with a dog

Camping is a cheap way to vacation. Especially for me as a student, vacationing in a rented motorhome or in a hotel is too expensive. Especially since I go on vacation more than once a year.

To encourage you, I'll give you a small example of how cheap your vacation can be. We paid 650 euros for a 14-day road trip through the Czech Republic, Austria and Germany with two people and a dog.

The campsite cost 9-30 euros per night. You can find a good place using various apps and there you will immediately get information about how dog-friendly it is. The most expensive part of our trip was the fuel, the cheapest was the food.


Camping holidays are a wonderful way to travel, especially with a dog. We generally receive a friendly welcome at the campsites with dogs, provided we follow the rules. It is compulsory to keep on a leash everywhere and we take all the leftovers with us without exception.

The closeness to nature is not as present in any other type of holiday. This particularly appeals to us. You can say that anyone who likes to travel cheaply and flexibly close to nature should definitely go camping. I hope I was able to inspire some people to go on a camping holiday.

Have fun on your camping adventure!

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