Dog breed lexicon

English Cocker Spaniel - Vielseitiger Jagd- und Familienhund

English Cocker Spaniel - Versatile hunting and family dog

Are you looking for a cheerful, loving companion who is very active? Then you've come to the right place with the English Cocker Spaniel! Today we will tell you everything important about this hun...

Cane Corso - Kräftiger Italiener mit langer Geschichte

Cane Corso - Strong Italian with a long history

Today our dog breed lexicon is about the Cane Corso Italiano, a unique and fascinating dog breed. This dog has a long history and is now valued as a loyal and protective companion. In this ...

Der Magyar Vizsla - ein Rasseportrait

The Magyar Vizsla - a breed portrait

Today I would like to introduce you to a wonderful breed of dog, the Magyar Vizsla. This breed of dog has a long history, a distinctive appearance and an adorable character. It is also very versat...